Short Supply List
CAFTA-DR Annex 3.25 (Updated)

1. For tariff items with .aa, .bb, .cc, .dd, please refer to the CAFTA-DR Correlation Table for Textiles and Apparel Goods - Appendix 4.1-A (see page 131).

2. Only products meeting the exact description and specifications will be deemed to be commercially unavailable and eligible to be used in products qualifying for preferential benefits.

3. Certain products (with the exception of product numbers 1-43) may be removed from Annex 3.25. An interested entity may request that CITA remove or restrict the quantity of a product listed in Annex 3.25 six months after the product has been added. Upon receiving a request from an interested entity, if CITA determines that the product is available in commercial quantities, or restricted quantities, in a timely manner in the CAFTA-DR countries, CITA will publish in the Federal Register a notice of its determination of removal or restriction. Accordingly, the product would be removed from the Annex 3.25 list, or its quantity restricted, six months after the publication date of CITA’s determination.

4. Products #44-72 were added after the conclusion of negotiations and prior to implementation, per Article 3.25, 4 (e) of the Agreement.

5. Product #73-end of list have been added after implementation of the CAFTA-DR, following procedures established in Article 3.25 (6) of the Agreement.

6. As of October 13, 2012, elastomeric content in any product deemed in short supply may be sourced from any country.

    Product Name Effective Date File Number